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Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Spring time is coming soon, and the styles are slightly changing as far as what jeans are the best to be worn during certain seasons. Of course everyone has their own true opinion and style of what jeans they care to wear year round. Look out though boys skinny jeans; boyfriend oversized jeans are on the loose!

Boyfriend Jeans

Recently the popularity women’s fashion clothing called oversized jeans has been increasingly escalating as more and more people begin to have a love for wearing this comfortable style. Most women never thought that such jeans that have a baggy look to them would ever reach the popularity that they have reached today, but it’s all true.

There are many women that love flaunting around in oversized denim. This way of fashion started out small, but increasingly grew over time as women everywhere became attached to this unique style. They give the look of someone wearing their partner’s jeans, and this is where the name was given “boyfriend jeans.” Many women today that are up to date in fashion, sport these jeans.

Boyfriend denim come in many different shades and depending on your figure, there are certain colors that would look great on you. If you are someone that is really small, then you should probably go with brighter colors like white, and they will give you more of a figure. For women that are a bit shapelier, they would look good wearing brown or black.

The kind of shoes that would go the best with boyfriend pants are high heels or wedge pump type shoes. This is what you will see most fashionable women wearing with their oversized pants. Because the idea of boyfriend denim came from a man’s style of clothing, they would give a woman a masculine look, which is why high heels and a nice designer belt should be worn with them to add a feminine touch to the look.

One thing about boyfriend pants is that the older the pants are, the better the look. This would save you lots of money on buying a new pair of boyfriend denim, when you could just easily go to your local used retail store to find a used pair of them. You also don’t have to shop in the women’s section to find boyfriend pants. Shopping in the men’s section will give you that same look you are looking for in the boyfriend oversized pants.

To achieve the boy friend jeans style you will need to buy pants that are oversized a bit; and they pants have to go below your ankles. You can also sport this style by rolling the pants up and letting them hang above your ankles.

The kind of top that needs to be worn with oversized pants, is one that is really tight, to balance out the bagginess of the pants, and again to add that feminine touch as well. Always wear a tight top with boyfriendly jeans, because that is the way of the style. Keep it stylish and also ry some jeans leggings.